2017 Youth Champion

Join us as we thank Nate, Greg, andy and the Spexton Team! 

 For more than a year, Spexton, Spexton.com and Landella have been contributing to YST with every item they sell.  Anytime an item is purchased at any of their businesses, they purchase an item for our Street Outreach programs.  Hundreds of backpacks, bottles of water, sunscreen, socks and underwear have been put in the hands of an at-risk youth.  

Nate recently said " We are proud to give them something that's useful. We are often approached to give and we were not certan how we were going to do that, or what to give. We like that idea that we can give a physical item that is going to be used by a person who needs it the most. We love that story!"

Spexton, on a daily basis, makes a difference in our community.  We humbly thank you!