The Chefs


Chefs compete in an Iron Chef-style cooking competition. This year’s featured ingredient is tea, and contestants can use it in any way they see fit. The competitors this year are some of Tulsa’s youngest and most exciting talents, including:


Ben Alexander - the Tavern

Ben has been in the Industry for 19 years. Executive chef at the Tavern for 2 years. Family man, lover of all things noodle and a kitchen rapper!

Dan Wade - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino tulsa

Dan is one of the Executive Chef's at the  Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. He calls McGills's on 19 his home kitchen and enjoys making great tasting and beautiful dishes.


Nico Albert - Mixed Company

A veteran of many of Tulsa’s favorite kitchens including the Brasserie and Lucky’s on Cherry Street, Executive Chef Nico followed a 2-year adventure in craft cocktail bartending by opening MixCo’s kitchen in May of 2016. Drawing on her Acadian and Native American heritage as well as her love of Mexican and New Orleanian culture, Chef Nico creates unconventional interpretations of classic pub food that are simultaneously familiar and eclectic.  

Trey Winkle - R-Bar

Chef Trey Winkle’s love affair with food is not confined to just preparation, it begins with the seed. Working on a local farm for a year taught him to appreciate every ingredient from start to finish. When not in the kitchen you can find Trey wrapped in his other passion of brewing beer.

Zach Curren - Trenchers Deli

Zach Curren, owner/baker Trenchers delicatessen, raised in a restaurant family. Passion for making grub food really good and affordable........and sandwiches, don't forget sandwiches.